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Why BWGB is passionate about working with BBBS:

I personally was able to see the impact BBBS has made on a child’s life. My best friend,decided to become a Big Brother 8 years ago. He started mentoring a Little. At first he would merely spend time with his Little and go to games or fishing. As their relationship grew closer, he realized that his Little was being neglected by his mother (who also had 4 other younger children) and that his Little’s school work was suffering. My friend took it upon himself to tutor his Little everyday after school. He started to do a lot better in school, however was not a confident young man. My friend helped him with that too and taught him things a father would’ve taught him (his Little’s father was in jail). A couple years later, the Little’s mother got remarried to a man that was not fond of this child. He was sent to his grandparents place and then was later kicked out again because they didn’t want the responsibility. My best friend and his wife took him in. He was a junior in high school at the time. While living there, he was given chores, rules and responsibilities. School came first and he was encouraged to do his best in school. He started getting straight A’s and became more and more confident. In his senior year of school, he graduated with honors and is now studying at a university. If it weren’t for the BBBS program, his Little may not have met his full potential and received the love and support that every child needs.

Best Regards,
Rubina Bokhari

About Brokers Who Give Back:

Our mission is to provide resources to charitable organizations in order to help those in need achieve a greater quality of life. Brokers Who Give Back are committed to donate a portion of their commission, in addition to volunteer time to charitable causes. We hope to inspire and motivate Brokers to join us in making an impact!

Today, most real estate agents market themselves by advertising their statistics; the world of real estate becomes a competition between who has done the most business, sold the greatest number of homes, and who leads the list of top producers. How often do you hear about agents who have used their success to benefit others? By donating a portion of our proceeds and time, Brokers Who Give Back aims to change the face of the real estate profession with no extra cost to you.

Why do it? There is no catch; we are doing it because it is something we want to do and we are grateful for what we do have. Contributing to making lives better brings us tremendous joy. We each have something that we are passionate about because of where we come from, or what really resonates with us. When using a Broker Who Gives Back, not only do get to work with a top agent to help you buy or sell your home, but we also help you support a cause that is near and dear to your heart.




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