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Mya and Alissa have been matched for just about a year, but act as if they have been matched for many more. These two have done it all from kayaking, to corn mazes and cooking to Cubs games. Mya’s mother has mentioned that her eyes “light up like a Christmas tree” every time that Mya sees Alissa. Mya added that she appreciates how “open minded” her Big is, and that she listens to what Mya has to say.
Alissa is excited to commit to another year as Mya’s Big because she has enjoyed their time together and watching Mya grow. At the Got Culture? event at Brookfield Zoo, Alissa noticed Mya becoming more confident, a continuing trend—Mya recently performed onstage during a Halloween production! Alissa said that she wants to be a part of Mya’s journey into high school and beyond.

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